Crye Precision AirFrame™ Ears

  • Crye Precision AirFrame™ Ears
  • Crye Precision AirFrame™ Ears
  • Crye Precision AirFrame™ Ears

$ 137.00

Sorry, the Crye Precision AirFrame™ Ears is not currently available.

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Easily attached and removed with one hand, Ears™ offer scalable and modular ear protection. Ears™ are compatible with nearly all common ear-pro (Peltors®/Sordins®) and provide simple lightweight ballistic protection that doesn't compromise communication, hydration, or situational awareness. Ears™ use the same attachment system as Chops™. Sold as a pair. One size fits all AirFrame™ helmets. Made in the US from US materials.


  • Able to be donned and doffed in seconds
  • Compatible with NVGs and most standard tactical goggles
  • Compatible with nearly all common ear-pro (Peltors®/Sordins®)
  • Flexes to fit various face shapes

Ballistic Specs:
*0° Obliquity, Ambient  **Ambient / Wet, NIJ 106.01 IIIA

  • 2 Gr RCC V50*: ≥4200 ft/s*
  • 4 Gr RCC V50*: ≥3475 ft/s*
  • 16 Gr RCC V50*: ≥2475 ft/s*
  • 64 Gr RCC V50*: ≥1750 ft/s*
  • 9mm 124 Gr FMJ RTP**: 1400 ft/s, ±50 ft/s**
  • .44 Magnum 240 Gr RTP** : 1400 ft/s, ±50 ft/s**

Operator's Manual

Spec Sheet

Manufacturer Crye Precision

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