VX-6HD 2-12x42mm Illum. Scope Firedot Duplex Reticle by Leupold

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LEUPOLD BASE 2 PIECE Dual Dovetail; CLOSEOUT – Accuflite Arms – Custom Rifles


The VX-6HD 2-12x42mm scope takes versatility to the next level. It offers an incredibly wide field-of-view, while giving you the magnification needed for mid to long-range shots. Its rugged, lightweight body has made it a favorite for any hunter not willing to sacrifice performance or weight.

The 2-12’s edge-to-edge clarity gives you outstanding brightness, color consistency, and resolution. This means dominating the first and last 15 minutes of the day. The wide zoom range and our latest technology, which includes an in-scope electronic reticle level, CDS-ZL2 Zero Lock elevation dial, and removable throw lever, make your VX-6HD the most versatile Leupold riflescope ever made.

The VX-6HD goes where other scopes can’t. Its unique combination of features, durability, and elite optical performance guarantees that it can handle any challenge you throw at it. It's built for anything and everything, including your next epic adventure.

Features :

  • 6:1 zoom ratio
  • Guard-ion rain shedding coating
  • Reversible throw lever
  • 2nd generation argon/ krypton waterproofing
  • Illuminated Reticle

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