Velocity Systems Special Threat PTBL Ceramic Hard Armor Plate

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The Velocity Systems Special Threat Double-Curved Ceramic Plate is stand-alone and multi-hit rated.   Also available in Multi-Curve for an even more anatomically correct, comfortable fit.    Quantities limited. 

Designed to protect against some of the most common rounds found in the United States today.  (SOLD AS SINGLE PLATE)



• Model Number: VS-PTBL-DC
• Type: Stand-Alone, Multi-Strike
• Composition: Ceramic
• Shape: Traditional Cut, Double-Curve
• Thinness: 0.60 inches/15mm

7.62 x 39 Mild Steel Core
7.62 x 51 M80 Ball
5.56 x 45 M855
5.56 x 45 M193

Size: 10" x 12"
Weight: 6.0lbs ea.


 There are no returns on body armor.

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