First Spear Deceptor Covert Hard Plate or Soft Armor Carrier

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Designed to conceal rifle velocity protective plates(or soft armor) in high threat environments, the Deceptor will discretely hold a pair of special threat plates and two 6” X 6” Rifle Side Plates with the removable side plate pockets(included).  Also included, are two pair of shoulder straps, stretch and non-stretch. to accommodate user comfort preference.  Pockets and placards from the Ragnar Series can be quickly attached to the front or the back of the carrier thanks to the Velcro loop material on the outer shell of the carrier.

The Deceptor shines with SAPI cut hard plates or soft armor in the sub 4.5lb weight range at .6” or thinner.  For thicker, heavier or non-SAPI plates, you will need to consider another carrier.

Deceptor size corresponds to plate size. Please order based on the size plate you will be using.



  • Concealable vest system
  • Velcro loop front and rear outer shell(compatible with Ragnar pockets)
  • Designed for low profile SAPI special threat plates
  • Stretch and non-stretch shoulder straps included
Product code 500-90-00054-9005-04

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