About Us

Alpha Omega Tactical is a God-fearing, American Family-Owned and Operated business dedicated to providing superior law enforcement, military grade tactical and combat equipment to professionals worldwide.  We strive to meet our customers' needs each and every day, as if they were our own, because we understand dependability, sacrifice and honor.

In 2016, we moved our business across the country due to a family member's terminal, medical diagnosis.  It was not easy, but the best things in life usually never are.  This business sustained our family through the darkest nights and lived-on to flourish in the light of a new day.  Life will never be the same but living must go on.  "Tomorrow" is never guaranteed.

In 2019, we returned to the Pacific Northwest; back to where it all began (Battle Ground, Washington) with a greater appreciation for all that life has to offer.  For our customers, for our livelihood, and for the countless other blessings; we are grateful without end. 


~Benjamin Busse, CEO.



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