Mayflower Concealable Soft Body Armor Carrier "CBA" by Velocity Systems

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Once they’re gone, they’re gone.  Last shipment of the Velocity System's Concealable Body Armor Carrier "CBA".  The CBA is a slick, ultra low-profile soft armor carrier designed for the utmost concealability of soft body armor.
The CBA armor cut offers generous protection while maintaining maximum mobility.  The interior is lined with a wicking moisture management system, engineered for comfort during extended periods of wear.

  • Six Point Low Profile hook and loop adjustable closures
  • Moisture wicking full interior lining
  • Available in several colors and sizes
  • Interior of front panel contains a pouch directly over center mass for a 6x8” hard armor insert. 

Accommodates same size velocity Systems CBA or LPAC Soft Body Armor Panels(purchased separately).
Example: Medium Carrier fits Medium Armor

All materials and workmanship are 100% Made in the USA.

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