First Spear Strandhögg V1 SAPI Hard Plate and Soft Armor Carrier

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This complete Strandhögg Carrier contains front and rear panels and cummerbund of same respective size.  For example, a medium carrier will contain a medium front, medium rear and a medium cummerbund.  Sized based upon corresponding plate sizes. 

Cut edge-to-edge to specifically fit SAPI/ESAPI/SPEAR Cut Plates sizes S-XL, this system can be worn with or without a soft armor panel depending upon ballistic requirements, threat conditions and the type of plate utilized. Maximizing the new lightweight 6/12 technology and rapid closure systems provided by the Tubes, the SAPI Cut Plate Carrier can be rapidly donned or doffed.

It is also capable of accepting the integrated inflatable flotation cummerbund. Using a streamlined fit throughout, along with state of the art materials and production technology, the 6/12 SAPI Cut Plate Carrier is easily tailored for comfort, ventilation, and fit.

Now featuring the Overlap Cummerbund, which has been designed and engineered to provide additional overlapping soft armor at the front side of the plate carrier where the Tubes closure system meets. The additional soft armor tucks in behind the Tubes allowing full opening and closing of the vest. 

The body side of the Cummerbund has been modified to allow the attachment of Ragnar Pockets so that magazines and other items can be held in close to the body making for an even more streamlined silhouette. This feature is particularly attractive for Users trying to carry more magazines than the traditional front-loading of a carrier will allow. The Overlap Cummerbund is also useful in tubular assaults or work in the tight confines of a conventional vehicle.


  • 6/12™ laser cut platform
  • Tubes™ Rapid-Release Technology
  • Comfort padding through body and shoulder straps
  • Built-in ventilation channel on front and rear plate bag
  • Overlap Cummerbund with loop interior for hook backed pockets
  • Sized to fit a SAPI cut plate



Size of plate bag listed corresponds to plate size.  Cummerbund sizing guide:

Small: 26"-36"

Medium: 32"-38"

Large: 35"-41"

XL: 38"-44"

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